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Solea, a high-rise apartment building, stands where tradition meets contemporary design. It has a unique position and a unique architecture characterized by a dynamic composition of forms.
A sixty-nine metre high building that offers unique areas, unusual levels and exclusive views, it gives you the chance to simultaneously experience the sobriety of a private villa inspired by Milanese architecture and the modern, international nature of a residential high-rise building.



The ideal balance between centrality and privacy

Strategically placed in the Porta Nuova area, Solea is located on the district's historical axis in the area closest to the old town centre. Thanks to its specific location, the high-rise building is able to offer its residents urban privacy and intimacy while still meeting their need to be easily connected to the urban fabric. Indeed, there are three underground lines within walking distance.
The building offers intense, stunning views to its residents: on one side lies the large park, "I Giardini di Porta Nuova" public park and on the other, a courtyard garden of 4,000 square metres, linked to Piazza della Repubblica by a pedestrian path.



Inedited forms and harmonics volumes

Designed by the Caputo Partnership studio in Milan, Solea defines a new concept of living that combines innovation and tradition.
With its fifteen floors, the high-rise apartment building takes your mind to a more secluded way of living and your body from a metropolitan to an urban dimension. In this sense, Solea is the meeting point between the high-rise buildings and villas.
The composition of its volumes, the atypical combination of shiny, opaque materials like white glass and black stone, the large double and triple height windows, which at night time resemble lanterns, all characterize the building and create amazingly spectacular effects.



Essence and beauty

The Solea lobbies stand out for the elegant way that the areas are formed.
Large, transparent, light-filled volumes and windows up to nine metres tall are emphasised by furnishings created expressly for this building. In addition to the main lobby, residents also have exclusive use of another lobby on the second level with entrance from the pedestrian square, which provides direct access to the residential floors.
All the common areas have been designed and furnished by Dolce Vita Homes in collaboration with studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners and Coima Image.



Beyond imagination, meeeting your expectations

Solea offers a wide assortment of sizes and furnishing options. Apartments opening onto spectacular views, capable of satisfying every desire: from compact, functional two-roomed apartments to the roomy penthouses, duplexes and triplexes. Every room is designed to deliver the right balance of liveability and efficient use of space favouring floods of natural light, the assolute star feature of every apartment.
The interiors of the apartments, designed by Dolce Vita Homes, meet the latest modern living-space criteria.



The loggias: rooms en plein air

The outdoor areas are conceived and designed as the natural extension of the living space. Each residence has at least one large, spacious loggia; the indoor space, often on two levels, leads to a private garden that guarantees maximum privacy. Solea also offers living solutions with winter gardens and apartments with exclusive terraces where hot tubs and swimming pools can be installed. The stone, wood and glass loggias give outstanding views of the Milanese landscape and the materials are chosen to complement the style and comfort of the interiors.



Designed to make your life easier

Enabling residents to return home in ease and complete comfort is one of the aims the tower's designers are proud to have achieved. This has been the core concept in the design of the vehicle and pedestrian routes to the apartments. If the complex is accessed by car, entrance to the ramps is controlled by licence plate number recognition cameras; at the same time, a sophisticated surveillance system in the main entrance lobby connects to a closed-circuit TV camera system for the other zones. However, for your security, the pedestrian path, which goes from garage to your apartment, expects you to pass through the conciergerie.



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Solea is designed by Caputo Partnership, which has been working professionally for thirty years in the field of architecture, planning and interior design. Leader in the design of urban spaces, it is admired above all for method it brings to projects aimed to interpret and promote the historic identity of the areas for redevelopment, and give a contemporary focus to the relationship between the new buildings and their existing context.

Dolce Vita Homes is an integreted platform dedicated to the management of quality residences transmitting the essence of Italian style and creativity.

Studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners and Coima Image, as partners, work on the design of the common areas and interiors of Solea.